Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group

Virtual Session – Training & Coaching User Group

Date                      Thursday 27th February Time                      10am to 1pm Location               Unify Communications Ltd, The Conifers, Filton Road, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1QG. Parking                 Free, onsite. Do NOT park in the Holiday Inn – you’ll be charged! Theme                  ‘2020 Vision’ – a look ahead to what’s on the horizon for the next ... Read More


Virtual Session – Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group

Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group Thursday 21st May 2020 - 10am ONLINE This User Group will be virtual and will finish by 11:30 latest. If you’d like to attend, please let or User Group Chair Paul Allen <> know to receive the joining details. The agenda is focussed ... Read More


Planning, Analysis & Insights Group – Thursday 10 September

  It feels like time is flying past and it’s a constant battle to keep on top of everything, let alone to get ahead of the game. As a planner, Paul Allen has found the last 5 months or so very tough indeed – previous trends and patterns have not ... Read More