About the Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group

The Planning, Analysis & Insight Group exists to share experiences and best practice across our region for the benefit of all. Previous topics covered include planning for exceptional circumstances and major events.

This Group has recently been set up for the North West on realisation of how much the business is changing in relation to understanding the needs and demands of clients.  The reliance on KPIs has shifted to a requirement to understand more complex information such as customer behaviour.  Our aim is to support strategic decision-making, through planning, reporting and analysis of customer trends and experiences.  Being able to analyse and understand the customers needs allows us to more accurately forecast and plan any current or future contact centre functions.

Upcoming Planning, Analysis & Insight User Group Sessions

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Group Chair:
Justine Carroll

I have 25 years customer service experience ranging from banking, business to business mobile phones and for the last 15 years I have been working in the social housing sector, implementing developing and evolving how we deliver services to the diverse needs of our customers. I am passionate about ensuring that our customers receive excellent services, which includes ensuring that we are easy to access, we offer choices tailored to our customers needs and provide a working environment that promotes and support high colleague engagement, whilst still ensuring that I deliver a value for money service which supports our profit for purpose ethos. The Planning and MI Group is an exists to share experiences and best practice from different sectors and across the North West.

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