About the Senior Managers Group User Group

Have you ever wished you could collaborate more with other leaders who face similar challenges to you and are also spearheading change in their respective organisations? Getting a strong perspective on what everyone else is focused on, what’s working and what’s not? That’s what this forum is all about – 120 minutes collaborating and no navel gazing! Together we will explore different sectors, draw inspiration and learnings, share ideas and motivate each other. Our time together will be energetic, highly engaging and thought provoking – you’ll leave bursting with ideas and confidence.

Upcoming Senior Managers Group User Group Sessions

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Group Chair:
Nicola Eaton Sawford

Customer Whisperers work with interesting brands across sectors, working with the big sector disruptors, luxury brands, no frills brands and organisations that are often take for granted – the full spectrum. Customer experience isn’t always about more and better, sometimes it’s about less, smarter and leaner. Nothing energises me more than a good, collaborative discussion with a group of talented and passionate Contact Centre and CX Leaders. The  Forums are the most collaborative organisations we work with hence we are delighted  to be able to share this opportunity for us to collaborate at Senior Manager level, in an innovative way.

2022 is about stabilising post-Covid and taking a fresh and objective look at what customers expect from us in this slightly different world.

Let’s treat it as a fresh start and really open our minds to what is out there in other sectors and highly dynamic organisations. Customer Whisperers have the pleasure of working with many – Customer Experience is the most exciting it has been for years! Come and share your wisdom and insights and take away some inspiration from others.

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