About CollaborateON

CollaborateON – designed to address real topics of interest led and delivered by industry expert Nicola Eaton Sawford, along with collaboration from the wider contact centre industry.

3 sessions on four topics – sessions will be delivered with agilty in mind – hybrid sessions – virtual and live sessions, bringing together contact centres throughout the UK to collaborate.

Live sessions will be held regionally, at a centre of excellence.

CollaborateON offers the unique opportunity to engage with the contact centre community – sharing insight, operational best practice experiences, real challenges and how to overcome them. Each session with the objective of working through solutions to best practice level.

Suitable for leaders across all functionalities, including L&D, HR, IT and operations.

Upcoming CollaborateON Sessions

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Run by:
Nicola Eaton Sawford Managing Director Customer Whisperers


Save time and productivity whilst having the opportunity to collaborate

CollaborateON is the way to ensure your teams are at the top of their game!

Virtual sessions – two hours. Live sessions – half a day.

Price £295 per person +VAT for all 3 sessions.