5 steps to AI success: leading contact centers to a Netflix-like customer experience

We’re in an era of effortless customer experience (CX), driven by brands like Netflix and Amazon, who have pushed CX to new heights. Consumers worldwide have grown accustomed to personalized and frictionless journeys, yet many are unaware that it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) raising the bar for this gold-standard customer experience.  Having a connected brand experience across the entire customer journey is essential to transform CX the right way, and it must include contact centers.

The adoption of artificial intelligence continues to rise every year, but despite this increase there are still blockers keeping organizations from full AI implementation. In order to leverage its full potential, AI must be implemented across people, operations and technology in four different intelligence layers of a contact center. 

Talkdesk have put together this ebook to explore not only what AI is and how it is transforming the contact center, but how to leverage a crawl, walk, run approach to harness its power.

This ebook explores AI-driven CX outcomes, their impact in contact centers and how to embed it to create a Netflix-like customer experience, with five crucial steps to embark on an AI journey.