The programme designed to help address your recruitment strategy…

The Attracting Talent Programme 2022 gives all recruiting personnel a unique opportunity to benefit from attracting ‘job ready’ candidates for your business.

With the challenge of recruitment forecasted to continue during 2022, this programme offers additional support to your recruitment approach.

We can help…

Call North West are delighted to be working in partnership with Educationwise Academy to deliver ‘The Attracting Talent Programme 2022’.

What is the Attracting Talent programme?

  1. Candidates sourced from the market against your company profile. 
  2. Bespoke Contact Centre Awareness training for 3 days. 
  3. Interview ready candidates.

What is required from you?

Sign up by registering your interest by emailing

Your commitment to sign up to the programme will mean: 

  • A guaranteed interview on the final day of training for candidate cohorts. 
  • Support a 12–18 month Apprenticeship programme. 
  • Use this initiative as part of your recruitment strategy planning.

Cost to you?

£0 as the programme is fully funded*
*There is no cost to you and all training costs will be covered by Educationwise Academy and Call North West

Quarter 1 2022 Contact Centre Awareness Training

1st Candidate Guaranteed InterviewEnd February 2022
2nd Candidate Guaranteed InterviewMid March 2022
3rd Candidate Guaranteed InterviewEnd March 2022
4th Candidate Guaranteed InterviewMid April 2022